The Weekly Walk: Lights! Internet! Action!

The Weekly Walk

We’re taking a different route today on our Weekly Walk. Instead of writing about our favorite social media posts of the week, we are going to share our favorite pet videos that we discovered over the past few days. We had a good nose for sniffing them out, so we figured we would post them here rather than just bury them in our Twitter feed. We hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to share more in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook. Woof!

Video Woof:

A dog taking a game of fetch into its own paws.

Video Woof Woof:

Yoga. With a Chihuahua. Perfecto!

Video Woof Woof Woof:

Some of the tricks this dog has learned might be considered dangerous, but the sheer extent of his knowledge is amazing to see. He certainly has a happy and healthy mind.

Video Meow:

Cat! Mirror! Strike a pose!

Video Woof-Meow:

We end with a commercial. Some of you will think it is clever. Some of you will channel your inner feline and hiss at it. Either way, we hope you find some enjoyment in the video’s ridiculousness.



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