New Year’s Resolutions and Petsolutions

Happy New Year!

As we walk away from 2011, we want to partake in the tradition of making resolutions but with the twist of a pug’s tail. We asked several staff members what they would like their pets to change in 2012, and, to be fair, what they believe their pets want them to change. Below are a few of our favorite answers. And if you’re in need of a resolution or two, read on after our petsolutions for a handful of worthwhile ideas.

Chicago Dog Walkers 2012 Petsolutions

Meryl would like her Lab mix, Shadow, to not “steal mom’s blankets.” Especially in this frigid season. Shadow and Meryl’s other dogs have higher expectations for her, however, as Meryl says they want more toys and treats, of course.

Her three cats meowing out of sync has Alicia asking that her trio of felines resist the urge to insistently vocalize, whenever someone brings out food. Her cats request that 2012 bring them more brushing. They have appearances to maintain.

Rosa wants her Chihuahua Poodle mix, Oso, to exercise more. For Oso to do that, he asks that Rosa spend more time with him at home, rather than leaving to walk other pooches during the day.

Our next employee might be asking a bit much, but Matt would like Nori the black cat to stop pawing the wall by his head at 4:00 a.m. Despite staying up late, he’s really not nocturnal. Nori would like Matt to leave more open boxes around the apartment. She is running low on hiding places.

Michelle says her five dogs (two pugs, Chihuahua, Lhasa apso, Miniature Eskimo) should kiss her more this year. Doggy smooches are wonderful stress relievers. And Michelle echoes Meryl that her dogs want more and more playthings.

Additional 2012 Resolutions

Chicago reaches the goal of a No Kill City. The following resolutions can slide in 2012 if this happens.

All adoptions are rescues. Taking home a rescue pet helps achieve the aforementioned goal.

Chicago becomes a No #2s Left On the Ground City. No one enjoys stepping in it. Let’s get this one under our belt already and never fear stepping in grassy areas, again.

All dog bags reach the appropriate trash receptacles. Even biodegradable bags, since they take time to degrade, as do their contents.

Vampires and zombies are so 2011. Let’s make 2012 the doggone year of the pooch. More dogs on television! “Lasso, second cousin of Lassie!”

A dog walker for every doggie!

If you have other resolutions or petsolutions you wish to share, let us know in the comments section below and/or tweet us @Chicdogwalkers with the hashtag #Petsolutions.