The Weekly Walk: Pet of the Family

A similar Weekly Walk through Hurricane Sandy territory again, but we start returning to our usual paths of favorite Twitter and Facebook posts also. Shoes on. Leashes ready. Let’s go.

Article of the Week: Families Reunited

Whether we call our pets children, buddies, pals, or simply pets, if we care for them they become our family. This means we love and enjoy them when times are good, and we love them even more and worry about them when times are difficult. After Hurricane Sandy struck, many pets were separated from their families, but great strides have been taken to reunite them. Donations of money, food, and shelter have helped create happy endings for pets and owners, but more aid is always welcome to help counter the tragic endings. Click the photo to watch a TODAY video about pets and owners affected by the hurricane.

Obie Weight-loss Update

From the seventies to the fifties! “Obie is up and has made it to the 50’s weighing in with 59.14lbs!!” Woof!

Quote of the Week

“Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge?” -Jerry Seinfeld

Treat of the Week

Bacon in your biscuit?

Animal Sound of the Week

A little refresher for the kids:

Photo of the Week

I think I see a secret!

Friday Fun: Puppy Fetch

Puppy Fetch is an online game that puts you in the fetching position rather than the throwing. Use your arrow keys to guide the dog and use spacebar to jump. The objective is to complete each fetch with speed. There is background music and sound effects, so you might want to wear headphones or mute your speakers.

Thank you for the company on this Weekly Walk. We would love to hear your stories about family pets, so please feel free to share them here, on Twitter, or Facebook. Woof!