The Weekly Walk: Petsolutions

The Weekly WalkHappy New Year! For our first Weekly Walk of 2013, we’re taking an alternate route. We found fitting pet and pet owner resolutions to share and provide links to more! Woof Woof Woof!

Animal Planet

Stay Fit: “This is the year that dogs resolve to go for more walks. Cats, on the other hand, dream of chasing mice, the only exercise they cherish.”

Kristen Toland, Examiner

Local Support: “Encourage people to support their local pet supply stores and know about as many as I can to recommend.”

Virginia Chavez, SheKnows

Drop the Devices: “Make it a point to incorporate some cuddle time for your furry friend, no television, no cellphones, no emails.”

Shelly Brouwer, The Daily Camera

Adventures: “Traveling with your pet is often possible and fun with research, preparation and training.”

Steve Dale, Chicago Tribune

Vet Visits: “Veterinary visits are on the decline, especially when it comes to preventive care. As a result, pets and their owners are paying a significant price. My resolution for 2013 will be to play whatever role I can in reversing this alarming trend.”

Dr. James C. Zgoda, Times Herald-Record

H2O so Good: “I will provide fresh water daily and keep it from freezing if outdoors.”

Ann Hohenhaus, WebMD

Preparations: “Prepare for your pet’s future like you prepare for your family’s future. Assemble a ‘go bag’ for your pet.”

Chicago Dog Walkers Reader

Dreaming (like last year and every year before): “A dog walker for every doggie!”

Stacy Fox, KHOU

Helping Hands: “Volunteering at a local animal shelter is a great way for animal lovers to feel better about themselves in 2013.”

Lucy the Dog’s Resolution as faxed in by Robb Lightfoot,

Dig More: “My owners have undone much of my year’s hard work by filling in my cool resting spots. This tells me I need to make them deeper and more numerous.”


Thank you for taking the first of many Weekly Walks this year — 52 we hope! Join us on Twitter and Facebook for more woofs and meows and other such animal noises.