The Weekly Walk: Guess Who’s Calling

The Weekly WalkYou actually won’t need a phone for this Weekly Walk. We took the call and transcribed the information into text and pictures. The tricks we will learn for you know no bounds. Woof!

Article of the Week: The 1940s are Calling!

There isn’t a lot to say about these photo articles. One shares photos of 1940s dogs. One shares photos of 1940s cats. Both share happiness with you! Click the photos to see the full articles.

1940s pups!

1940s kittens!

1940s pups!

Obie Weight-loss Update

A little slower in progress this week but progress still: “Obie is just a couple of ounces away from the 54lb mark.” Go, Obie!

Quote of the Week

“Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet. With needles in their jaws and feet.” -Pam Brown

Treat of the Week

Homemade dog biscuits for dieting dogs. Pups need to stay in shape and eat right too!

Animal Sound of the Week

Like Google but for animal sounds (and other sounds)!

Photo of the Week

Which light do my whiskers look best in?

Friday Fun: Parrot Motorist

If humans want to fly, is it safe to assume birds want to drive? The parrot in this video seems to say so. Maybe we can start a frequent-driver miles program for birds. Click the photo to read an article about the machine and the bird and to watch a video.

The 1940s called again. They said thank you for taking the Weekly Walk and enjoying their photos. They would love to hear your pet stories here, on Twitter, or Facebook (we’ll relay the messages to them). Woof!