The Weekly Walk: Petrospective 2013

The Weekly Walk

As we walk toward the end of route 2013, we are taking another stroll past our favorite animal posts from the year. Like a wonderful path that you enjoy walking with your dog each day, some things are made to be appreciated once, twice, and several times more.

Article of the Week: Never Forget (May 17)

Dogs remember. They remember when they will be fed. They remember when their owners will return from work. They remember which pieces of furniture are off-limits — although, they may not care to remember this lesson when their owners are away. And they also remember how people treat them. Disrespect or neglect a dog, and that dog will shy away from you or become aggressive. On the flip side of that, treat a dog with respect and care, and he will show you his gratitude by giving you love and attention. The photo on the right adds more proof to this concept. Since we don’t want to steal the short write-up about this human and canine embrace, click the picture to read the article and see a larger version of the photo. Woof.

Joke of the Week (March 29)

Q: What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?

A: A collie-flower.

Treat of the Week (January 18)

This recipe for homemade dog treats comes with a fun blog post. Love it!

Photo of the Week (November 15)

Beautiful photos of beautiful shelter dogs. Click the picture for more.

Video of the Week (September 27)

A husky playing in leaves. As if you needed another reason to love fall.


Thank you for taking the last Weekly Walk of the year with us. We always appreciate your company, and we always want to hear your stories on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Woof!


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