The Weekly Walk: Dog Rescues Kitten, Melts Hearts

The Weekly WalkArticle of the Week

Without taking away too much from the following video, the Shih Tzu and kitty from South Carolina send an important message to anyone who sees them: regardless of species, if people or animals need help, help them. And now prepare for your heart to melt.

The pair’s outcome: the rescue center held the dog for two weeks, but when no one claimed her, they put her up for adoption. Eventually the pair was adopted together and given names: Goldie for the dog, and Kate for the cat.

Woof and meow!

Obie Weight-loss Update

49 pounds down, Obie now weighs 28 pounds as of Tuesday. Good boy, Obie!

Joke of the Week

Q: What did the peanut say to the elephant?

A: Nothing, peanuts don’t talk.

Treat of the Week

Need more veggies in your pooch’s diet? Veggie bones are a step in the right direction. Click here for the recipe

Anagram of the Week

Solve the anagram “Grade Tot.”

Hint: Once put in same category as soap.

Highlight the space after the colon for the answer: Dog Treat  

Photo of the Week

Let’s go in the water! The water’s great! I’ll meet you in the water! Are you coming in the water? Come in the water!

Friday Fun: Acting Chops

The Oscar for most dramatic play-dead scene goes to:


Woof and thank you for coming with us on today’s Weekly Walk. Let us know your thoughts by barking below, on Twitter, or Facebook.


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