The Weekly Walk: Supportive Pets

 The Weekly Walk

Article of the Week: Don’t Worry, Pet a Doggy

Two weeks ago we posted about dogs comforting victims of the Boston bombing. It seems the idea of pooches helping people relax has spread since then — or we’ve finally caught scent of a longstanding trend. Either way, this week we read about dogs being used in courtrooms to calm people in a stressful environment, and about dogs brought to schools to help distract students from their worries during finals week. We love that these pups are getting attention and becoming social, and we hope that the people soothed by these pooches consider rescuing a pet; the comfort they feel doesn’t have to end once they leave the courtroom or school.

Obie Weight-loss Update

Obie is down to 35 pounds as of Tuesday and is healing well since surgery last week. Woof, Obie!

Joke of the Week

Q: What happens when it rains cats and dogs?

A: You might step in a poodle.

Treat of the Week

Have a pup’s birthday coming up? Consider this dog cake recipe.

Anagram of the Week

Solve the anagram “Bad Roam Knew.”

Hint: Animal sounds.

Highlight the space after the colon for the answer: Bark and Meow

Photo of the Week

So this happened. Read the story here.

Friday Fun: Adorable

Cuteness is not restricted to cats and dogs.


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Thank you for walking with us today. Share any pet related happenings with us here, on Twitter, or Facebook. Woof!


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