The Weekly Walk: Pet Support

The Weekly WalkArticle of the Week: Helping Paws

Last week on Facebook, we wrote about golden retrievers flying from Chicago to Boston to comfort bombing victims. The dogs, Maggie, Luther, Isaiah, Addie, and Ruthie, brought people together by offering uncomplicated attention to help ease lingering tensions and confusion from the tragedy. Click the photo on the right to read a short write-up of their trip. Thank you, K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs!

Obie Weight-loss Update

Good Morning! Obie weighs in at 37lbs and 12oz. He is down from 77lbs in Aug.” Woof, Obie!

Joke of the Week

Q: What kind of fish does a dog catch?

A: Catfish.

Treat of the Week

Another yummy list of nom-nom recipes for your pooch.

Anagram of the Week

Solve the anagram “Gob Done.”

Hint: Mother Hubbard.

Highlight the space after the colon to see the answer: Dog Bone

Photo of the Week

Even cats find comfort in dogs.

Friday Fun: Pooch Puzzle

This is peace. Below is a short video that will remind you to relax. Click here to watch the full video on Facebook.


The Chicago Reader is hosting its poll for Best of Chicago 2013. If our hospitality and attentiveness toward you and your pet has left you with a smile, if our posts on Facebook, our blog, and Twitter have made your days more enjoyable, consider voting for us in the Best Dog Walkers category. Click here to read the Reader’s article about the poll. Click here to sign in to the poll (you don’t have to be a member and can simply log in with your name and email). Thank you for allowing us to share our love of animals with you.

We hope you enjoyed taking the Weekly Walk with us. Bark below, on Twitter, or Facebook. Woof!


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