The Weekly Walk: First Steps

The Weekly WalkArticle of the Week: Never Too Late

Lizzy was a breeding dog at a puppy mill. She spent twelve years of her life in a cage and would have likely remained there had National Mill Dog Rescue not saved her from a tragic situation. Once she was freed, rescuers introduced her to a part of freedom every dog should be able to experience: walking on grass for the first time. Thank you National Mill Dog Rescue. Woof!

Obie Weight-loss Update

This Tuesday’s weigh-in gets a video of Obie on the scale. He looks quite happy to have lost almost forty pounds.

Joke of the Week

Q: What happened when the cat ate a ball of wool?

A: She had mittens!

Treat of the Week

Dog treat recipes your child can help you make.

Anagram of the Week

Solve the anagram “Hew Risks.”

Hint: The face.

Highlight the space after the colon to see the answer: Whiskers

Photo of the Week

There is no shame in rolling around on the grass with your pup.

Friday Fun: Inspiration

A video heavy walk this week, but we think they’re worth the time. This short one of a dog who really, really wants a cat. Enjoy!


So ends another Weekly Walk here. Thank you for spending time with us and share any pet related stories in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter. Woof!


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