The Weekly Walk: Stay Off the Ice

The Weekly WalkArticle of the Week: Ice, Ice, Doggy

Is there a connection between dogs and ice that we missed? It seems every month this year has had a news story about a pup being rescued from ice-covered ponds and lakes. There was Bobby in Ohio, Pifas in Chicago, Beowolf in Great Falls, this pair of dogs in Bangor Township, and more. Do dogs want private ice skating rinks? Are they trying to play out their favorite scene from Rudolph? Whatever the answer, we are glad these dogs have been rescued, and we want to send a message to other pooches thinking about playing on the ice: Nobody wants a pupsicle. Be careful.

Obie Weight-loss Update

Obie lost another pound. Down to forty-one! Woof!

Quote of the Week

Q: Who is the dog’s favorite comedian?

A: Growlcho Marx!

Treat of the Week

Bananas. Yum. Honey. Yum. Put them together in a dog biscuit recipe and woofum!

Animal Sound of the Week

How do these intelligence tests sound to you?

Photo of the Week

A dog and his frisbee.

Friday Fun: Catch

If at first you don’t succeed, look cute.

A pleasure as always to take the Weekly Walk with you. Until next time, avoid the ice, get your frisbees ready for warmer weather, and practice your catching technique. Bark at us below, on Facebook, or Twitter. Woof!


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