The Weekly Walk: Dogs and Big Cats

The Weekly WalkArticle of the Week: Differences Aside

Man’s best friend is becoming cheetah’s best friend. Dogs are being coupled with the big cats to make cheetahs less skittish and more confident, an effort to help the endangered species breed in captivity. The dogs support the cats by playing with them, keeping them active, and protecting the cheetahs. Click the photo to read an article and watch videos about dogs and cheetahs as companions.

Obie Weight-loss Update

Obie shedding those pounds: “Happy to report a loss of 14oz even with a little Birthday indulgence. Obie practically ran on the scale to see 45lb 2oz, bringing him to a 32lb wt. loss since Aug.

Quote of the Week

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” -A.A. Milne

Treat of the Week

An appropriately named dog treat recipe for February: Frosty Paws

Animal Sound of the Week

This pup needs a little more practice howling. Be warned. This is loud.

Photo of the Week

Let me brush you off.

Friday Fun: A Petody

How pets feel when they’re adopted.

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