The Weekly Walk: Finding Home

The Weekly WalkArticle of the Week: Furry Reminder

The travesty of Sandy is still felt by many victims. People and their pets remain displaced and the adjustment has not been easy. Clyde the dog hopped the fence of the home his family was staying at, in search of his original home that was flooded by the storm. Thanks to social media and caring individuals, Clyde was returned to his real home, the place with his owners. Click the photo to watch a video of the news story.

Obie Weight-loss Update

Obie is down to 46 pounds as of the last weigh-in! Shedding those pounds quicker than fur. Woof!

Quote of the Week

“Who loves me will love my dog.” -proverb

Treat of the Week

A dog treat recipe to share some Valentine’s love with your pup.

Animal Sound of the Week

“Chrong,” goes the German dog gnawing.

Photo of the Week

A dog taking fetch to the next level.

Friday Fun: Doggy Drivers

If a parrot learned to drive, a dog can surely learn too, right?

Thank you for the company on this Weekly Walk. Let us know what you think or share any pet stories here, on Twitter, or Facebook. Woof!


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