The Weekly Walk: Second Big Step Into 2013

The Weekly WalkWith our second Weekly Walk of the year, we return to our standard, tried-and-true-and-enjoyable format. We don’t toot our own horns around here—the dogs chewed up those instruments long ago—but we are all for barking our own barks. Woof!

Article of the Week: Homeward Bound Fan

This is Rascal. He ran away from home, and home is in Kansas. So where did they find Rascal traipsing around? San Diego, California, of course.

He went missing around Thanksgiving, and the family believed they would never see their beloved family member again. They were wrong. Rascal still had his collar and tags, and the shelter he wound up at contacted his owners. He has since been reunited with his owners, and everyone involved is thankful for an ending to wag their tails about. As are we. Click the photo to read a short article about Rascal’s tale.

Obie Weight-loss Update

Tuesday’s weigh-in for Obie: “Good Morning! Tuesday weigh-in time and Obie has reached 50lbs 10oz or 23kgs! He weighed 77lbs or 35kgs when I got him Aug. 18th, 2012.” Woof!

Quote of the Week

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does.” -Christopher Morley

Treat of the Week

Homemade chicken jerky treats on your dog’s menu this week?

Animal Sound of the Week

Like Homer Simpson, Sierra sings best on the ground.

Photo of the Week

Some fluffiness to keep you warm this January.

Friday Fun: Pet Spa

Animal Planet to the rescue with another fun game for Friday, a game that might make you realize your true calling: animal grooming. Pet Spa puts the scissors and brush and sponge and treats in your hands. Work quick to meet all of the animals’ needs without agitating them. Sounds easy, but when everyone decides to start meowing and barking, you might find yourself grabbing the wrong items for the wrong pet, and then nobody’s happy. Click the picture to play!

Thank you for joining our Weekly Walk today. Bark or meow at us below, on Twitter, or Facebook! Woof!


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