The Weekly Walk: Woof Means Gobble

We set off on our Weekly Walk a day earlier to celebrate a day of thanks. We’re thankful for paws and whiskers and leashes and tails wagging and animal advocacy programs and walks and many, many animals and many, many other things. And, of course, we’re thankful for you joining us each week.

Article of the Week: Thankful for Support

We love to hear when people rescue pets from shelters, when they donate to causes like relief funds for Hurricane Sandy victims, and when they take the initiative to raise awareness about animal rights. Which is exactly what Gorman Bechard and Patricia Clark are doing with their *Kickstarter project, A Dog Name Gucci. They want to tell the story of Gucci, a horribly abused dog, who changed Alabama’s animal rights laws with the help of a compassionate owner. We hope this documentary is a success and helps institute more laws to protect animals.

*The project’s Kickstarter page contains some graphic content.

Obie Weight-loss Update

We’re thankful for Obie’s inspirational progress: “Obie happily got up with his brothers today and weighed in at 58lbs, down from 77lbs 3 months ago.

Quote of the Week

We’re thankful for words of wisdom: “Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.” -Max Eastman

Treat of the Week

We’re thankful that people share delicious recipes for pets: Peanut butter and banana dog treats.These are only for dogs?

Animal Sound of the Week

We’re thankful animals can communicate and we can pretend to know what they’re saying.

Photo of the Week

We’re thankful for fun pet pics.

Thursday Thrill: Thankful for Humor

Last year we shared a cautionary pet tale from Florida humorist Dave Barry’s book, Dave Barry Talks Back. We think it’s worth a repeat. And like last time, we take no responsibility for spoiling dinner, if you read this beforehand and anxieties have you constantly excusing yourself from the meal to check on the dog’s whereabouts.

As the story goes:

[Mike and Sandy’s dog] Mousse was a Labrador retriever, which is a large enthusiastic bulletproof species of dog made entirely from synthetic materials. This is the kind of dog that, if it takes an interest in your personal regions (which of course it does) you cannot fend it off with a blowtorch.

So anyway, Mike and Sandy had two visitors who wore expensive, brand-new down-filled parkas, which somehow got left for several hours in a closed room with Mousse. When the door was finally opened, the visibility in the room had been drastically reduced by a raging down storm, at the center of which was a large quivering down clot, looking like a huge mutant duckling, except that it had Mousse’s radiantly happy eyes.

For several moments Mike and Sandy and their guests stared at this apparition, then Mike, a big, strong, highly authoritative guy, strode angrily into the room and slammed the door. He was in there for several minutes, then emerged, looking very serious. The down clot stood behind him, wagging its tail cheerfully.

“I talked to Mousse,” Mike said, “and he says he didn’t do it.”

Thank you for walking with us today! Be sure to share any fun holiday stories you have in the comments section, on Twitter, or Facebook. Happy Thanksgiving and woof!


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