The Weekly Walk: Loyalty Program


Do you listen to music while you walk? Do you ever catch yourself having a hop in your step while you do? That’s cool with us. During the Weekly Walk through our favorite Twitter and Facebook posts, we don’t even mind if you dance. As long as it keeps you going.

Article of the Week: Sharing the Rewards

ZanderLike the loyalty programs many businesses offer, the loyalty between pets and owners grows the more they spend time together. Unlike a business’s loyalty program, the loyalty between pets and owners doesn’t reset after they’ve been rewarded. It keeps growing.

Enter John Dolan and his seven-year-old husky, Zander. John rescued Zander from starving in a shelter five years ago. Now Zander is healthy and big and almost inseparable from John. Which is where recent headlines about the two come in.

John was hospitalized for a spell, and Zander grew anxious. John’s wife, Priscilla, told her husband that Zander looked sad and moped around. Shortly after, the pooch went missing.

But not for long.

A hospital worker surprised John with call; the man said he had found Zander on hospital grounds. John equally surprised the worker, when he told the man that he was roomed in that very hospital and Zander had never been to the area before.

While not every dog will reward/worry their owners by running away from home to track them down, each will have a unique way of showing its loyalty. Daily kisses. Sleeping at your feet. Alerting you to the mailman. Or maybe even opening doors for you. Stranger things have happened.

Obie Weight-loss Update

Last week Obie was 67 pounds. This week he’s 65. Keep going, Obie! Woof!

Quote of the Week

“In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.”  -Edward Hoagland

Command of the Week

Brains: Get your dog ready for her zombie costume by training her to chomp once when you say this.

Animal Sound of the Week

“Schlapp” goes the German dog drinking from his bowl.

Photo of the Week

Have you ever “meta” pug so cute? Click the photo to see more animals tilting their heads.

Friday Fun: Doggie Double

Way back in April, we posted about Pedigree’s free software, Doggelgänger. The program uses your portrait to match you with a dog of your likeness. It also tells you where the dog is located for adoption. An automated voice guides you through the process, but you can silence it by clicking the barking dog icon in the upper right corner. The software can be a little buggy, so take your time. If you take a photo using the webcam, you need to hold still until the mapping outline turns green. If it worked, an option to begin finding your match will appear. This might help narrow your search for the perfect companion during National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month.

Thanks for joining us on another Weekly Walk. Share any stories of loyalty you have between you and your pets, and definitely let us know if you adopt a dog this month. We’d love to see photos! Comment here, on Facebook, or Twitter. Woof!


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