The Weekly Walk: Fairies for Dogs

Click goes the leash, and we’re off on our Weekly Walk to revisit several of our Twitter and Facebook posts. The walk is a whisker longer today, so do some eye stretches and tie those shoes tight before you begin. As always, your Friday Fun awaits at the end of the stroll.

Article of the Week: Fairies Care About Dogs Too

As unexpected bills pile up and the economy weakens, several pet owners face the possibility of surrendering their pets to shelters. Thankfully, the nonprofit Fairy DogParents aims to save Massachusetts pet owners from this dilemma. They don’t use magic wands or cast spells; they request donations such as money, dog food, postage stamps, and more to assist owners in need. They are also open to ideas about the types of fundraising events they should host. Visit their blog for company news, pet tips, and photos of pooches. We would love to see this wonderful cause spread throughout more states. If you know of similar organizations, please share them with us and our readers in the comments below. Woof!

Obie Weight-loss Update

Last week, we wrote about the seventy-seven pound dachshund Obie and his efforts to lose weight. His owner posted on Facebook this week that Obie lost ten pounds. Yay, Obie! Woof!

Quote of the Week

“I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.” -Neil Gaiman

Command of the Week

Monster: Use this command to teach your dog to check under the bed for creepy crawlies.

Animal Sound of the Week

We are still enjoying for animal sounds. So simple. So fun.

Photo of the Week

Were you going to eat this crumb?

Friday Fun: Pugzle

A jigsaw puzzle of a pug. Exactly what you needed to start off your weekend. Once you’re on the puzzle’s page, click the “scatter puzzle” button, and then click and drag puzzle pieces into their appropriate places. The game has soft clacking noises, so you might want to turn off your sound or wear headphones if you play this at work. It’s also timed. Our best is 3:24. What’s yours?

Thanks for taking another Weekly Walk with us. We posted more cat stories than usual on Facebook and Twitter this week, but only one quote and a Cheetah ended up in this issue. So if you enjoy the felines, be sure to review our tweets and Facebook postings. And share any stories you have! Woof!


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