Dream Doghouses

Frank Lloyd Wright designed a doghouse. It looks like this.

Frank Lloyd Wright Doghouse

Frank Lloyd Wright Doghouse

It leaked when it rained, but the idea of a doghouse designed by a famous architect got us thinking about the imaginative doghouses we would like to build.

The Mystery Machine

Designed after the van from Scooby Doo, this miniature version of the teal and green vehicle is sans wheels and glass windows. The entrance is a two-way swinging back door. While there are no glass windows, there are still window cut-outs, so a pooch can stick his head out of them and pretend he’s cruising. Blow on his face to contribute to the fantasy. Of course, shag carpeting bedecks the floor and the gas tank is really a reservoir for doggy snacks.

Log Cabin

A home for the pooch born to wear flannels. The front and back doors are plexiglass and swing. The front porch with veranda makes a wonderful spot for the pup to sit and relax during rainy weather. A faux-stump outside has two indentations for water and food bowls. The chimney is for aesthetics only.

The White House

Your dog tells you when it’s time for a walk, when it’s time for a treat, when it’s time for play, and when it’s time to get out of bed. You may as well advertise who runs your yard with a small scale White House shelter. East and West Wing, North and South Portico, each side requires an entrance to make it easily accessible and welcoming; a dog president should always be approachable. A little security doesn’t hurt, however, so add secret service gnomes to each entrance. A fountain on the north or south side and a flag waving your dog’s colors atop the building are other nice additions.

Castle Von Woof

Does your pooch attack flying insects like she’s trying to slay dragons? This doghouse has her in mind. The front gate is always down and stretched across a small moat dug around the house. Rubber ducks or her favorite toys  float around the castle. Spires in each corner, three for aesthetics, and a larger one with steps for her to reach the roofed tower, if she wants to relax on top or guard over the grounds.

Snoopy’s Dog House

We’re not entirely sure how to make this one a reality, except for the standard red exterior part, so we’re open to suggestions. The interior is somewhat mysterious and much larger than the exterior. It has multiple rooms, and whenever Snoopy goes inside, he always comes out with what he needs, be it an umbrella or Christmas lights. Sitting on top of the doghouse makes it double as a WWI fighter plane. We would love to see our dogs pretending to dogfight with Snoopy’s arch-enemy, the Red Baron.

Let us know the type of doghouse you would like for your dog in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook. Woof.


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