Rescuing Your Doggie Double

How often have you wondered if there’s a dog out there with your beautiful mug? Pedigree has been thinking of you. Hoping to help people find their doggie likeness in pooches who need homes, the company has developed human to canine pairing software, Doggelgänger. Click here to load the website.

The process is fairly straightforward. You can either take a photo with your computer and have the software scan it immediately, or you can upload a photo already on your computer. The former gave us better results. After the photo is taken and scanned properly, an automated voice tells you the photo is acceptable and an option to begin finding your match appears. Sometimes the software told us the photo was acceptable but would not give us the option to begin searching for our match, and we had to restart. This happened more often when we uploaded a photo. So there are a few hiccups in the process, but for free and well-intentioned software, this is fun.

We’d love to know your doggie likeness and what you think of Doggelgänger. Feel free to post photos and share links with us here, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Rescuing Your Doggie Double

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