Walker Bios Update and Other Doggy Goodies

We have been updating walker bios on our website. Possessing an assortment of hobbies (bowling, biking, drumming, and more), they’re a diverse and interesting pack. Take a peek if you’re curious about who’s walking those pups around Chicago.

Remember when we posted our New Year’s Resolutions and Petsolutions? One of our resolutions for Chicago was to make it a No #2s Left On the Ground City. Shortly after that post, we found an episode of This American Life, which talks about people hiring companies that test the DNA of dog leavings to catch owners not picking up after their pets. Click here to listen to the episode. What are your thoughts on this type of procedure? Agree? Disagree? Already use it?

Keeping with the topic of New Year’s Resolutions, if you made a commitment to get in shape and need help tracking your progress, we found an app for you and your pup: MapMyDOGWALK. As the name suggests, you can map and save your routes to see how fast, far, and long you walked or ran. This way you can decide how much difficulty you want to put into your dog walks each day. We’d love to know your thoughts on this app or a similar one you have used. We enjoy technology that we can share with our pets and eagerly await the translating collar, as seen in the movie Up.

Comment here or @Chicdogwalkers on Twitter.

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