Fine News Rolls In, as Fine Weather Rolls Out

Good afternoon. Warm days buckled to frigid weather this week, so keep moving when you’re outside with your pup!

Today is a short post to update the previous one, where we interviewed dog walkers Mike Russell and Matt Lemke of the band Suns. Their band raised enough money through Kickstarter to fund their first full-length album, When We Were Us. Congratulations to them, and a big thank you to anyone who donated. We will have details about purchasing the album when it’s near completion. Follow them on Facebook to stay current with news regarding the album and upcoming performances.

And watch the website over the coming months for updates to the Walkers About Town and Tales About Town sections. You might even learn something unexpected about your walker or fellow walkers. We also have plans for our other social media pages, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



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